It looks like Miguel will be dropping a Spanish-language album at some point this year.

The soulful R&B singer, who is of Mexican descent on his father’s side, spoke to Latina magazine about his acting debut in “Live by Night.” Miguel stars as Esteban Suarez, a Cuban club owner, in the Prohibition era gangster film alongside Ben Affleck and Zoe Saldana. He says that this role motivated him to work on Spanish music.  During the conversation, he revealed his “ambitious” plan to release a Spanish-language album in 2017.


“Writing songs in Spanish is one of the things I started exploring after working on this film. I look forward to working on more music in Spanish. It sounds ambitious, but I’m looking to release an album in Spanish later on this year. If nothing else, at least releasing a single or two in Spanish. Hopefully, you guys stay tuned to that. “

We here at Wazzup Latino can’t wait to hear!! How about ya’ll?


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