Grammy Award-winning recording artist , Shakira, wrote an article for Time Magazine where she speaks out against POTUS travel ban on refugee admissions from certain countries.

“This isn’t just an attack on Muslims or refugees — this is an attack on all humans and in particular, the ones most in need of protection. Right now, worldwide, 28 million children have been uprooted by conflict, driven from their homes by violence and terror. Children know no nations and no borders; those who survive will grow up to follow the lead of those who take them in. Do we show them love and acceptance? Or allow them to fend for themselves, vulnerable to guerrilla groups that will only teach them to perpetuate this cycle of violence?”

She also added:

“Not all Muslims are terrorists, and by the way, not all terrorists are Muslims”

The Latina megastar validated her POV throughout the article and ended her piece by writing:

“Let’s keep tipping the scales in favor of “liberty and justice for all,” keep using our voices to lift up others and speak out for those whose voices have been stripped from them. I applaud all of you who have spoken out against the ban—keep up the good fight and never back down. #resist”

Read the full article here.